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The exceptional taste of Coco Joy Coconut Water can be attributed to our meticulous harvesting process. We carefully pick our coconuts at the optimum ripeness and immediately begin the processing at the point of harvest. This ensures that our customers enjoy the most flavorful and revitalizing coconut water with each sip.

Real Coconut Water

Natural Electrolytes

Natural Energy

What our fans have to say about CoCo Joy!

Don’t Take Our Word for It

I have tried all types of coconut water for years, never liked the taste. My sister also never liked it but she went to the supermarket and saw this brand. It was a little expensive but she gave it a try. I also tried it oh my gosh it taste so good and refreshing. I enjoy it with lots of ice. Give it a try you will love it.


From Amazon

Not only is the flavor awesome, but the use of natural coconut water is just the right product to reduce my flare ups of pseudo-gout which is triggered by dehydration. And I love the easy open tops! You ask how?? Just by positioning the point on the edge of the cap to protrude through the foil seal and rotate the point on the cap like you would a knife. And voila, the seal folds in nicely out of sight allowing you to pour or drink from the 33 ounce (1.0 L) bottle.


From Amazon

These are the best coconut waters you will ever drink. They taste so fresh like it was just pored from the nut itself and doesn’t have that bland dry aftertaste you can get from some of the other waters. I won’t drink anything else!

Danielle Clarke

From Amazon

This has to be the best watermelon juice ever. I have tried so many brands and this one stoled my heart. I have it on subscription now. It’s delicious and not to sweet. No chemicals. Just watermelon juice & cane sugar. Ice cold treat. But drink it all when open can because doesn’t stay overnight very long in fridge. I transferred to bottle but that only lasts maybe till following day. It’s pure delight

Karen McCabe

If you love watermelon

First off, I love 🍉! Then I found out I can get the juice! The rest was history!

Innes Snoddy

From Amazon

I’m not sure why, but this size and brand is the absolute best. I have had the same brand in different sizes and I don’t know why, but everyone agrees it just tastes better! Try it and see. We are all addicted to this brand!

L. Pagano

Addicted to the flavor

I am very picky when it comes to flavor. I have tried Vita, Zico, C2O Pure and Goya. Did not ever buy them again. This is by far the best. I use it to make my own homemade Matcha Green Tea Starbucks copycat. It is perfect. I have had no damaged product and has been fresh every time. Only complaint I have is them not being in stock!


I have tried other brands and this is the BEST

I have tried sooooo many coconut waters. Living in the AZ heat this is my main source of electrolytes since I don’t drink Gatorade. I love the eco friendly cans instead of the plastic bottles.


Best coconut water EVER!

This coconut water is on par flavor wise with Harmless Harvest. It doesn’t taste sour like the boxed coconut waters (you know who you are). I stumbled across this brand at a random Walmart in the middle of nowhere while pregnant. Could not find it again until I looked on Amazon. I bought a box for a treat for after the baby was born. It’s so important to stay hydrated and keep your electrolytes replenished as a nursing mama and coconut water is perfect for that. These were so nice to have.

Victoria Ingersoll

So good!