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We believe in delivering products that you enjoy, may benefit your health, and are sustainably produced. We don’t produce just another coconut water, or just another coconut milk.

We deliver Natural and Organic Coconut Water that tastes phenomenal without the added sugars and preservatives. Something you feel good about drinking yourself, or giving to your kids every day. ​ It’s easy to give in, especially when it’s so good and good for you.

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 6 in

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High-quality, ethically sourced products at affordable prices


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L. Pagano

I’m not sure why, but this size and brand is the absolute best. I have had the same brand in different sizes and I don’t know why, but everyone agrees it just tastes better! Try it and see. We are all addicted to this brand!


I have tried sooooo many coconut waters. Living in the AZ heat this is my main source of electrolytes since I don’t drink Gatorade. I love the eco friendly cans instead of the plastic bottles.

This really is the best coconut milk water on the market….it’s expensive but worth it.
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Nothing beats this coconut water. It is the best tasting brand on the market. You can’t change my mind.


Best coconut flavor, love to offer a can to service providers on hot summer days!


Best brand of coconut water by far!!! Can’t buy it where I live so I looked on Amazon and poof, as able to order to my door! Love it!!

Nicole Evertsen

I’m obsessed with cocojoy 🙂 I was not a fan of coconut water but you have to try this one! It’s so good and refreshing!

Dez Schrader

My favorite organic coconut water by far. I keep in refrigerator and love how cold the can stays. Better taste when cold and refreshing after work out.

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