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Give in to what feels good for your body with the added bonus of all the goodness CoCo Joy Natural Coconut Water delivers. Just another coconut water . . . not a chance! Our taste is part of what sets us apart. We harvest the young, green coconuts at peak times for the sweetest flavor and most nutrients we can deliver. Delicious, refreshing, no preservatives, and plenty of nutrients. We source non-GMO products with sustainable farming methods, and we are never from concentrate. CoCo Joy Coconut Water . . . where good things happen.

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Lisa Hartman

Okay, for starters I will say that this is the absolute best coconut water, hands down! I try to drink coconut water for health reasons, because of all the naturally occurring electrolytes, but I usually don’t really like the taste of it. Most coconut water, to me, tastes slightly rotten. I actually bought this for the first time at a gas station because I was a dehydrated and I had never seen this brand, so I decided to give it a try. It was so good that I went back the next day and bought all of their stock out. It actually tastes coconutty, but not overpowering. It has that light sweetness, with no sour aftertaste. The gas station stopped carrying it, and I literally hesitated buying it online for years because I was being cheap. (Sad, but true… It isn’t overpriced at all, I just didn’t feel like spending $30 on coconut water.) Many times I craved this coconut water, but didn’t feel like spending $30 on it. On a whim, I went to the Coco Joy website and found that it was actually priced lower on Amazon! So, I bought it, and I’m so very glad I did. The taste is better than any other coconut water I’ve ever tried. Highly, highly recommended. And, if you’re cheap like me sometimes, don’t be silly. The price per can is less than you’d pay at a convenience store. 😉

Kimberly Guerrero

My son introduced COCO Joy Coconut water to me about 2 months ago. Im hooked. This drink has amazing fresh young coconut flavor, I have had young coconuts and the flesh is tender and the taste is sweet.

My local Walmart/Winco had some & the price was good. They carry the 34 fl.oz in the plastic container. There only ever seems to be a handful on the shelf and i will buy 6 at a time leaving 2 behind for someone else.

I order by the case on Amazon when available the 16oz or the 32oz. Love both.
This product is quality and a great value for the money.

I have now sent my son 3 cases over the last month and my daughter 2. Now its been a nightmare trying to find any. So freakin aggravating, but that seems to be anything that is of high quality and fair pricing.

It is the BEST coconut water & I have tried pretty much all of them. The flavor does differ depending on which container it is in. The only bad experience was the issue with the box it was delivered in had been damaged and 2 of the bottles were empty. Amazon fixed it and I am very pleased.

If you drink that poison Gatorade you really should do your body a huge favor & switch to this!! Love love love this!!! I feel so much more hydrated and i know my body is thankful for COCO Joy allow the warmth of this sunfilled delight to run through your body and

Sheelver are stocked on amazon!!!! Just sent my kids each a case. Definitely the best coconut water out there.


I have tried all types of coconut water for years, never liked the taste. My sister also never liked it but she went to the supermarket and saw this brand. It was a little expensive but she gave it a try. I also tried it oh my gosh it taste so good and refreshing. I enjoy it with lots of ice. Give it a try you will love it.

Danielle Clark

These are the best coconut waters you will ever drink. They taste so fresh like it was just pored from the nut itself and doesn’t have that bland dry aftertaste you can get from some of the other waters. I won’t drink anything else!

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