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Why CoCo Joy?

Our mission is to be a premier consumer hydration company focused on healthy and delicious tasting beverages. We strive to create value and make a positive difference in our customers’ lives while offering honesty, fairness, and integrity in all aspects of our business.


We believe in delivering products that you enjoy, benefit your health, and are sustainably produced.

Enjoy: The taste is phenomenal! Not only can you use it in smoothies and other recipes, but you can pop the top and drink it straight from the can (or bottle).

Healthy Benefits: Use as part of your daily hydration, or as a component of rehydration during or after exercise. A wide array of nutrients to feed your body adding to your overall wellness.
Sustainability: We source straight from the coconut tree (using no chemicals) and straight to the factory where all organic, food safety, and supply chain certifications are to the highest grade possible.  Our products are non-gmo, bpa free, preservative and concentrate free. They are also lactose, dairy and gluten free.

The best tasting coconut water without adding any sugars and preservatives. You can get it from a fresh, green coconut or CoCo Joy.