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Give in to what feels good for your body with the added bonus of all the goodness CoCo Joy Natural Coconut Water delivers. Just another coconut water . . . not a chance! Our taste is part of what sets us apart. We harvest the young, green coconuts at peak times for the sweetest flavor and most nutrients we can deliver. Delicious, refreshing, no preservatives, and plenty of nutrients. We source non-GMO products with sustainable farming methods, and we are never from concentrate. CoCo Joy Coconut Water . . . where good things happen.

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Dimensions 11.75 × 8.75 × 8.75 in
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16.9 Ounce, 1 Liter

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The BEST tasting coconut water! I wish more local stores stocked this.


This is the best tasting coconut water I’ve found on the market!

Jerel J.

Drink during peak hotness on route here in the south. Complete life saver. And taste amazin


I first tried this product in Texas while on a trip and wasn’t able to find it anywhere when I returned home. It has just enough sweetness to make coconut water drinkable while keeping you hydrated also.

J. Layton

Very refreshing on a hot day.

Tanielle Smith

The taste is a 100 % natural no additives and I’m in love definitely two thumbs up.

Sara Alazawy

I share this drink with everyone, even the people who don’t normally like coconut water love this stuff! Looking forward to it coming back into stock!


This tastes like you are drinking straight out of the coconut 🥥 I love it specially when cold! It’s so yummy!


Just hopping in to voice my opinion after reading the comments by the reviewer who seemed very concerned about this coconut water being fake and having a lots of of good reviews.. haha

I bought this at a convenience store in Austin a few SXSW’s ago because I wanted some coconut water and the price was good (had never tried it before). One sip and I was hooked — and I loved it so much because I felt like it ACTUALLY tastes like coconut water, straight from a coconut, which is naturally a little sweet if fresh! I actually find that most other coconut waters feel a bit flat. That’s why I was so excited about this product. Back in NY they’re impossible to find so I had to hop on Amazon to purchase. Best day of my life to see they were available.

Another friend that I had try a sip had a similar reaction — instant love and affirmation that this was the best coconut water they’ve ever had (so it’s not just me! lol). The yellowish tint was not concerning (it was basically clear) — so perhaps it was an expired/old batch? Expired coconut water does take on a yellow/cloudy appearance. The CocoJoy I’ve had has never looked like that.

Anyways. I’m pretty sure I left a review a long time ago, just had to hop back in to defend my favorite drink haha!

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