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How to Pick the Healthiest Coconut Water

Coconut water is the delicious, naturally sweet water found in the middle of young green coconuts. It has a clean, fragrant taste and is packed full of nutrients like calcium and magnesium. Coconut water also contains high levels of potassium which we need in appropriate amounts to keep our heart, brain, kidneys and muscle tissue in good order. But beware – not all coconut water is created equal!
Is your coconut water organic?
The coconuts used to make CoCo Joy organic coconut water are 100% organic. This means that the lovely young coconuts harvested to make our delicious coconut water have been grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, or GMO’s. The result is a distinctly fresher tasting, naturally sweeter coconut water. Organic coconut water tastes better than water from coconuts that have been grown with chemicals. Plus, it is so much better for you!
Using water from older coconuts
The nutritional level of coconut water peaks when a coconut is 5-7 months old. After that stage, the nutrients found in coconut water start to be absorbed by the white coconut flesh. Coconut oil, milk, flour and chips are products made from older coconuts. Some manufacturers of coconut water have saved money by buying mature coconut water and selling it off as “healthful”. This older coconut water is marketed as containing the same level of nutrients as young, organic coconut water, which simply isn’t true.
Added sweeteners
All fresh coconut water contains a naturally occurring sugar – from about three to five grams per 100mL. However, if a manufacturer uses older coconut water, especially if it’s not organic, much of the delicate sweetness of the coconut water has deteriorated and sugars need to be added to enhance the sweetness. Palm sugar and coconut syrup are used for this purpose and are often labelled as “natural”. Look for high sugar contents on the nutritional labels of coconut water which will indicate that sugar has been added, or it should be in the ingredient list as well.
CoCo Joy coconut water is completely free of added sugars and the unwanted additional calories that come with them. It is sweet enough in its original pure form!
Added “natural” flavors
If a manufacturer is using mature coconuts to make coconut water it will have an unpleasant, acidic tang. Artificial flavors need to be added to bump up the taste, which seriously detracts from its nutritional benefits. Check to make sure that any flavoring used is from natural coconut juice – young coconut water tastes so good that it doesn’t need chemical enhancing! CoCo Joy coconut water is completely free of chemical flavoring.
Using coconut water concentrate
Just as orange juice can be made from reconstituted concentrate, so too can coconut water. This is done by heating raw coconut water to reduce it to a syrup, then adding water to it before bottling. Importing coconut water syrup saves money for the manufacturer. Products made from coconut water concentrate may still be labeled as 100% natural, even though the heating process destroys nutrients and beneficial enzymes naturally found in young coconut water.
Dipping whole coconuts in chemicals for transport
Many non-organic coconuts are treated with known carcinogens such as formaldehyde, in order to survive transportation before processing. These toxic chemicals may contaminate the coconut flesh and water by the exposure to harsh chemicals. CoCo Joy coconuts, in both our natural and organic lines, are picked that morning and come in fresh for immediate bottling so we can capture the best flavor and nutrients possible.
The CoCo Joy difference
Take our 100% organic CoCo Joy Coconut Water as an example. No fertilizers, chemicals, flavors, or colors have ever touched the fruit used to make this delicious product. In addition, the factories which produce it are 100% sustainable, so you know it’s good, for you and the environment! Just pure, undiluted health – straight from the coconut to you! CoCo Joy . . . where good things happen!

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