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We believe good things happen…

if you do good things. We are optimistic about the future, because we’ve learned from the past.
For thousands of years, people on tropical islands all over the world have used the humble coconut for fresh water, its flesh for food and its husk for many, many useful purposes. Organic sustainable farming. It’s been going on forever. Literally.

Fast forward to today.

CoCo Joy’s mission is to supply 100% organic coconut water for the well-being of everyone, without damaging our planet in the process. This is where we believe karma and good old common sense kicks in.

The refreshing, thirst quenching taste and proven health benefits of coconut water have been ‘discovered’ by the rest of the world. Quite rightly, people can’t get enough of this good stuff. Right now, it’s one of the fastest growing beverage choices on the planet.

We do not believe in putting profits before the well-being of people or the planet. Rather than just respond to growing demand in the cheapest, fastest way possible, CoCo Joy takes the time held tradition of wasting nothing, leaving the environment with as little imprint as possible to produce the purest products available.

We believe when you look after the planet, the planet looks after you. We’re 100% sure coconuts are among the natural wonders of the world giving us nutrition, refreshment and enjoyment without added sugar or anything artificial. We believe everyone deserves to enjoy the taste and the benefits it brings.

We believe 100% organic is best.
But most of all we believe there are many people out there, who believe this too. And that’s when good things happen.

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